Artistic Hair Simulation |Micropigmentation Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is no longer a permanent problem!  We offer alternative solutions for hair loss and scars. 

The Hair Simulation Company provides a hair loss solution that recreates the appearance of hair, covers scars and adds density to existing hair through our trade mark technique Artistic Hair Simulation. Our specialized cosmetic tattooing caters for the uniqueness of black and afro-textured hair. Plus we cater for all skin tones for scar coverage. For Caucasian scar coverage The Hair Simulation Company offers Medical Hair Simulation.  The Hair simulation  Academy also offers barbering courses.

Our technique is a form of micro tattooing, which we call Artistic Hair Simulation (SM).  Simply applying this specialized technique is not enough; you also need in-depth knowledge of afro- textured hair to achieve these fantastically natural results.

By definition this is a tattoo for hair loss, requiring numerous needle sizes and proper color selection. It is the talented Master Barber and Cosmetic Tattoo Artist that make the results a work of art.

We perform both artistic hair simulation and hair simulation shading to re-create the appearance of full head of natural looking afro-textured hair. We also add density to existing hair and will create hair lines from crispy to sharp to match your style needs, skin tones and head shape.

Afro-textured hair has fewer actual hair shafts compared to straight hair, this texture appears denser than its straight counterparts.  We simulate the actual texture, shape, and direction of short hair with this in mind. To keep it looking real for you!

Send us an email with a photo of your personal hair situation for our review to and we will contact you with detailed recommendations and an estimate for services. Call Today and we will help you determine your best options!  (404) 229-7372

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