Medical SMP

    Medical Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Medical SMP) for Scar Cover

    We offer Medical SMP for covering hair transplant scars on any skin color. This uses a combination of the Artistic Hair Simulations techniques that are designed for men and women who are planning to have, or already have had, a hair transplant. This combination of techniques will reduce the appearance of hair transplant scars.

    Medical SMP is also used to add density to your hair transplant when donor hair is minimal. This procedure is ideal for the client who uses cover-up or makeup to hide a scar. We can also work with your hair transplant surgeon and discuss the benefits of combining both procedures. For clients who want that extra sharp look, a perfect hairline can be achieved. When combined with a transplant, results can be amazing.

    The length of your hair will determine the number of procedures needed to cover a scar. Scar tissue is different than normal healthy tissue and does not retain the ink the same way as healthy tissue does. Several sessions may be needed to achieve your desired results and will vary depending on the type and age of the scar. Revised scars also hold the ink differently, so it is difficult to say how many sessions will be required to achieve coverage. Each scar is different and results depend on the skin tone, type of scar, hair texture, and hair length. However, scars will always appear less noticeable with Artistic Scar Camouflage treatments.

    Generally speaking, scars may be easier to cover if you are light skinned with straight hair. The shorter your hair, the more difficult it is to blend in. With each session, scars normally retain more ink and are less noticeable. Email us a photo and we’ll provide you with the estimated number of sessions and cost.

    SMP is an effective way to create a natural look by reducing the appearance of all types of head scars. Excellent results can be achieved when the procedure is done properly with the appropriate number of sessions. Sessions need to be a minimum of four weeks apart. As with other cosmetic tattoos, lighter colors will fade more quickly and touch-ups are recommended. It is important to follow our stylists’ advice for post-treatment care to obtain the best results.

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    Note:  Medical Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Medical SMP) takes several sessions and the least amount of ink is held during the first session. Since desired results cannot be achieved in one session we recommend not starting the treatment unless you are planning to complete all the sessions.