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    Alternative Solutions for Hair Replacement in Atlanta


    hair replacement atlantaThe Hair Simulation Company and its sister company, Permanent Makeup of Atlanta, have been in the game for over nineteen years and have performed over fifteen thousand procedures! Hair Simulation Company provides solutions to give the appearance of added density to your Hairline, Sides, and Crown. If your eyebrows have started to vanish, our Eyebrow Microblading technique can absolutely help.

We have a specialized technique of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP). Our SMP technique is done to achieve the look you want. If you want a lighter more natural look, we offer a lighter SMP technique depending on your needs.

    Our experts will discuss all your options depending on your skin color, lifestyle, head shape, and age…

We offer both a light natural hairline enhancement or a sharper, darker hairline. Everyone wants something different. Remember, it is the artistic talent of the Artist that make the results a work of art and our Team has been in the industry since the beginning. Don’t let someone who is new in the business practice on your head! 

We have years of experience , so call the experts here at HSC. We are reasonably priced and our work is superb. Our skilled barbers and stylists will help you achieve your new look. If you are looking for the best, you have come to the right place. There are many companies, but how much experience does the actual artist who is working on your scalp have? And do they have experience with your skin type?

    The Hair Simulation Company specializes in SMP, which is a perfect solution for creating a more dense hairline or filling in thin areas. Our Medical SMP is amazing for hiding transplant scars and can be used with an existing hair transplant to add density. We have been in the SMP industry for almost twenty years.

HSC, through our constant need to revolutionize the industry, has embarked on introducing the world-renowned Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, which we have mastered and have been offering to our valued customers for nineteen years. This innovative treatment can restore even a completely hairless head to look like a full head of well-groomed hair.

    SMP is the best non-surgical treatment for female and male hair loss: a life-altering treatment where natural pigments are applied to replicate the natural appearance of real hair.

    We have a barber or stylist work with each client to ensure the best look possible. Each client is given advice on how to best cut their hair, along with the best products to use. Bring your clippers and we will also adjust them and make sure they are in good shape. We not only focus on your SMP, we focus on a healthy scalp. If you have questions years from now, we are here to help. We offer several services to help you achieve your goals.

    Alternative Hair Replacement Atlanta - Tattooed Hair Solutions

    Our Team

    Cheryl Rosenblum

    • Our Team

    Cheryl Rosenblum - Cheryl Rosenblum, founder of The Hair Simulation Company, was the first licensed tattoo artist to perform cosmetic tattooing in the State of Georgia. Cheryl is board certified to practice and teach cosmetic tattooing, is also the founder of Permanent Makeup of Atlanta, and has trained cosmetic tattoo artists from all over the country. Currently, Permanent Makeup of Atlanta specializes in Eyebrow Micro-blading for both men and women.  (read more)

    William Hudson

    • Our Team

    William Hudson  has been with us for over four years and has worked in the hair industry for over fifteen years. William is highly respected in the industry and has worked with countless celebrities and traveled around the United States to ensure the celebrities we love always look their best.

    Dr. Aaron Sui (Special Staff Support Team)

    • Our Team

    Dr. Aaron Sui - Dr. Sui has practiced Chinese medicine for over fifteen years and has been a consultant for many health information venues regarding hair loss issues and other health issues. He provides herbs and acupuncture to our clients who are interested in Chinese medicine.

    Anthony Johnson (Special Staff Support Team)

    • Our Team

    Anthony Johnson has been working with Hair Simulation Company for over seven years and is happy to talk to those interested in our service . Anthony currently has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry. He also has obtained a Master’s in Public Health, in which he focused on and researched various health disciplines dealing with African-Americans.